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About Backlink Maker

Backlinks are links that take a user from one website to another website or from one page to another on the same website. Backlinks can be created through blogs, blog comments, social networking sites and so on. How can you, as a website owner, determine the number of backlinks that exist to your site in the World Wide Web? The answer is – by using the Backlink Maker tool.

How the Tool Works

The Backlink Maker consists of a single field and a Submit button. You need to enter your website URL in the field. On clicking Submit, the screen displays a list of links, which carry the URL of your site as a backlink. The results also show the page ranking of the backlink source and the status of each, which can be either ‘Success’ or ‘Error’. You can pen the backlink source page by clicking on the link.

Backlinks Maker Uses

The main advantage of having backlinks is to help the website rank high in search engine result pages. The more the number of backlinks to a particular website, the higher is its ranking. However, the important point to remember is that these backlinks should be organic. That is to say, there should be no specific agreement between websites to exchange one link in return for another. The link to your site should appear on the other site without its owner having any obligation or monetary benefit in doing so. He should carry the link to your website because he finds value for the end-user in it.

New websites rely heavily on backlinks to generate traffic and increase their ranking in search results. Search engines use backlinks to effectively and efficiently crawl the site and index it. Backlinks are also a healthy way to generate referral traffic because it is targeted. This filters out random clicks by people who might not be interested in your services or products.

You can use the Backlink Maker as often as you please. Most website owners even perform regular backlink audits once or twice a year to check the strength and quality of backlinks to their URLs. You can use the results to assess and analyse where you can successfully build more links and which are the areas that still need work.

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